The bath dumps

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There are several kinds of bath dumps, some more sophisticated than others, some are really poor and it was very difficult to have the tightness, there is always a drop out but different trap joints.

I happened to ask bathtubs and replace the siphon several times because it was enough to get in the bath snaps to taste.

So it is better to buy a better quality dump, but be sure that it does not leak or when installing or two weeks later.

Dumps a small chain

Dump has chainette
These dumps are the cheapest, barely a few euros in trade, but if they are not dear it is certainly because there is a reason. Not only they are not practical with the attached removable plug has a chain, but also the siphon raises many problems and even the one on the picture is of good quality.

If you must buy a tub drain, I strongly advise against this kind of traps « left here » because it is receding in most cases.

Automatic dumps

Automatic emptying bath
We find it against the most common dumps these days, they sound reliable, they almost never flee « unless the discharge is through » but also can open or close the tub upon action on the control on the overflow.

Sophistical them also have a cap with adjustable rod, which allows not to break the cork when asked a foot above taking a shower.

I do not specifically talking about this brand or model, refer to this type of dumps, of course a great brand always offers a more sophisticated product that an unknown brand or supermarket that sells generic product.

Dumps copper

They still exist, but its high price, that we do not often arise, such dumps is the highest quality you can see in the picture below, it has more than 30 years it functioned impeccably with a flexibility that have nothing to envy to automatic dumps plastic that certain seize up fairly quickly.

The only fault I was approaching this material is the trap that many oxide wet, while the plastic that will not rust.

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