Valve and automation, and electronic mixer

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Electronic mixer is one of the latest innovations appeared in our bathrooms and kitchen.
Implemented electronic with plombier paris 12 , digital and all fresh advances in automation, new technology taps brings to your sink or shower originality, design and comfort …
Some of its advanced, now available on the market, come mostly from concept rependu in professional kitchens, in public health, or public places, restaurants …
They are now fully part of our habits and naturally found their place in the dining room or the bathroom individuals.

Robinet Evier Lavabo

electronic faucet

The electronic faucet is easy to install and convenient maintenance: all components are incorporated into the valve body.
Most of the time the installation has a plombier paris 13 digital interface, fixed or as remote control, which allows you to: start or stop the flow of program settings for multiple users to memorize the last water set temperature, standard temperature …
Temperature and water flow by pressing the appropriate button is regulated, choose different types of jet, but also open the drain plug and the sink.
Once the control panel pressed: all automatic !!
A halo of light indicates when the water flows, Plombier paris 4 if necessary it ay a timer …
Electronic faucets can now be controlled via a computer or a mobile phone.
One can imagine someone who démarrerai automatically filling the bathtub, from the job, to dive in the bath at the right temperature a time returned home.

infrared tap

Infrared faucet finds its place for a long time plombier paris 14 on the motorway service areas, airports, food industry. It is chosen in many hospitals solution because thanks to its infrared sensors, it is more hygienic. The valve requires no handle Plombier paris 4 , no lever or button press to be operated. This limits the contact and prevents the risk of transmission of bacteria, particularly Salmonella.
It is found in high-end hotels in the campsite, and soon in your private bathroom …

valve design

Then we can find all the options of plombier paris 15 design and technology already on the market today: tap to clear and delicate forms of solid brass but designed for intensive use. Handles and levers always simpler treated against stains and integrated into the trunk for quick and easy cleaning.
Flexible hose with ever greater elasticity. Plombier paris 16 Actuated and stopped the flow of water through the passage of the foot or a sensor on a lever, and without having to hand. Schedule regular rinsing to avoid stagnation in the network in case of prolonged use.

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